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The"36V 100 AH" Lithium Ion Batteries from"JBBattery" are exceptionally popular worldwide due to their high performance and unparalleled durability. They have been totally portable and may be used with almost any automobile that's designed with a cigarette lighter port. This helps make them well suited for men and women who travel extended distances with their digital devices and lighters. The" 36v 100ah lithium ion battery" lithiumion batteries offer many benefits over ni cad and NiMH type batteries. These advantages include:

Deepest cycle applications

Given that the" 36v 100ah lithium ion battery" provides numerous many heavy cycle software, it's proper for a broad scope of applications for example; overall semi automatic rechargeable battery packs for the automotive business, GPS techniques, amateurs' apparatus, individual electronic equipment, cellular phone software and radio devices, boat accessories, electric and data tools, power equipment and industrial applications. Generally speaking, the"36v 100ah lithiumion battery" is available in all configurations fit for deep cycle software. Each of those units within this show consists of excellent manufacturers including LG, Toyota and Samsung.

Dependable and Durable

The" 36v 100ah lithium ion battery" out of JBBattery has received excellent reviews from owners globally due to the durability and dependability. It's been reported these batteries can move through up to ten complete charge cycles before the battery package starts to show signs of disuse. They have been believed in order to keep a complete charge for an hour and a half an hour, or 2 hours and fifty minutes before needing recharging. For significant users this could mean a saving up to sixty percent of that which it'd cost to acquire new replacement batteries. This is particularly crucial for anyone that utilize their notebooks or handheld electronics for company purposes, that need to be always on the move and may well not need backup batteries available in your coming back.


Like most lithium ion ion battery services and products, the purchase price tag on the product is relative for the size of this battery. A forty eight volt model is coming in at approximately four billion dollars. But this range isn't put in rock. It is dependent on the model range, brand name and weight of the battery. It must be noted this type of battery can be utilized for the majority of kinds of freezer applications and that rates will probably vary so.


Even though maybe not indestructible, this type of battery is designed to take care of the stringent demands placed upon it during regular usage. Manufacturers expect a two or three year life span out of a deep cycle lithium ion battery. Just like all batteries, they are subject to damage in excessive temperatures, effect, release and chemical imbalance, discharging and charging.


These batteries are appropriate for deep cycle applications. As their title suggests, they can be recharged. This rechargeability offers them both more accessibility and portability than batteries. Additionally, since they are easily added to or removed in the charging system, they are also able to be used on camping trips and elongated vacations.

Noise free

Because such a battery is designed to manage all of the physical pressures placed on it during deep cycle software, it is considered a silent, high functioning battery. This implies that it won't be rumbling, creaking, boistering, noisy or leaving any annoying sounds when it is in use. Even though battery is significantly bigger than some other types of deep cycle batteries, it contains sixty percent significantly less cells. As a result, the battery includes 2 times the power of the typical deep cycle program. Due to the fact the batteries wont be broken by effect, it gets such lithium ion ion batteries a safer option for your home.

Final Thoughts

Even the 36v 100ah lithium ion ion battery is fantastic for usage in a wide range of software. It is also one of the best alternatives for consumers. Additionally, there are a number of web sites in that you can get total data of dependable suppliers. Together with it being produced from lithium cells, so it's altogether safe for household usage and even in commercial uses. Besides its long shelf life, it is also an easy task to findaffordable, affordable and exceptionally trustworthy. Even the 36v100ah lithium ion battery can handle all the work you desire it to complete to get certain to receive the most from one's deep cycle batteries.

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