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The golf cart battery industry is in a state of flux. On one hand we have golf cart manufacturers and merchants who recognize lithium-ion batteries are better for golf cart performance and durability than lead acid batteries. On the other hand are customers who resist the high upfront cost of lithium golf cart batteries, and therefore still rely upon inferior lead-acid battery choices.

lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacturer JB lithium batteries are revolutionizing the golf cart industry! The quantity of energy supplied within our golf cart batteries is staggering contemplating that a few of our batteries certainly cost as little as half-hour! There is a purpose golf applications all around the world are switching to a lithium golf cart battery and that's effective. Golf carts and electric vehicles are among the transportation autos that benefit the most out of LiFePO4 lithium ion batteries; much superior to lithium ion batteries. Insert reliability and how you receive the identical voltage all of the time, shields the comprehensive system and engine. If you're a year-round golfer, then you need the cart to work in all climate conditions. Including freezing temperatures.But some ion drain faster in cold climate.

Ability of Golf Cart

Equipping a lithium battery right into a golf cart empowers the cart to greatly increase its weight-to-performance ratio. Lithium golf cart batteries are half the size of a classic lead-acid battery, which shaves off two-thirds of their battery weight a golf cart would normally operate with. The lighter weight means that the golf cart may attain higher rates with less effort and carry more weight without feeling lethargic to the occupants.

The weight-to-performance ratio gap lets the lithium-powered cart take an additional two average-sized adults and their equipment before reaching carrying capability. Because lithium batteries maintain the identical voltage outputs regardless of the battery's bill, the cart proceeds to work after its lead-acid counterpart has dropped behind the bunch. In contrast, direct acid and JB Battery Li-Ion batteries lose voltage output and performance after 70-75 percent of the battery capacity is utilized, which negatively affects carrying capability and compounds the difficulty since the day wears on.

A good golf cart should keep consistent power and speed on any training course terrain. Lithium-ion batteries can handle this with no problem, but a lead-acid battery can slow down the cart as its voltage drops. Plus after the fee has dissipated, it requires a typical lead-acid battery roughly eight hours to recharge back to full. Whereas, lithium-ion golf cart batteries can be recharged up to 80 per cent capacity in about one hour, and reach full charge in less than three hours.

Additionally, partially-charged lead-acid batteries maintain sulfation damage, which leads to considerably reduced life. On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries have no adverse response to being less than fully charged, so it is okay to give the golf cart a pit-stop fee during lunch.

Visit and receive battery for your cart. JB Battery provides warranty on your each battery purchase.

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