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Lithium Batteries for Golf Carts
- Quality Source is China's most trusted supplier of lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacturer. If you're looking for a reliable lithium golf cart battery type which will deliver maximum power with low maintenance, then our lithium ion batteries are exactly what you want.

- For all your golf cart battery needs, our staff will be delighted to assist you with any questions that you might have regarding our lithium golf battery solutions.

- With cutting edge Lithium batteries JB, instead of the standard lead-acid battery used for most golf carts, you get longer-lasting prices - producing our golf trolley battery that the number one option for golfers who want more from their carts. Call us today on

Our batteries for golf carts are suitable for a range of golf motor vehicles, such as (but not limited to):

- Powakaddy lithium {battery |ion battery

- Motocaddy

- Motocaddy S-Series

- Hillbilly

- Powerbug

- Mocad
For more information regarding our batteries for golf carts, just get in contact and we'll be delighted to help.Features At A Glance

- Customised lithium battery pack alternative for golf cart program.

- Tailor-made size usually means it can perfectly drop into space on the golf cart.

- Batteries can be specially configured to coincide with the charging and current capability to best fit the motor power to improve your riding experience. Lithium battery's high-density advantage will help to reduce weight by roughly 1/3.

- Constructed BMS protection guarantees secure charging and usage.

- LCD screen permits you to keep a watch out for charge amounts.

Why Go For Lithium Batteries?

Take a look at the advantages of a lithium golf trolley battery:

Compact design

Due to trolley sizes being modest, you can be sure that

It won't get in the way or weigh your car or truck down, making them portable and great to travel with if needed. In contrast to a car battery, these are much smaller and a much better fit to the golf cart.

Quick charge time

You won't have to worry about constantly using your battery charger - in contrast to a lead acid battery, but these not only last longer, but cost faster, too. A handy and functional option that will see you through a range of holes and classes.
Lower levels of release

Over time, batteries lose energy gradually, which is called self-discharge. But with our lithium batteries, you're going to be using your cart for years to come. This is due to these batteries being in a position to take on countless charging cycles, making the units last for over ten years.

Versatile - outside golf, the batteries will also fit in mobility scooters

Lower cost in comparison with gel cell/leoch/AGM forms deep cycle.

Why Pick Quality Source as Lithium Golf Battery Suppliers?

Quality - we all feel that you should be getting your money's value with each product, so we only offer the best. Our batteries are built to survive - we do not sell'cheap batteries', we promote quality ones, which will see you through years of golfing.
Bespoke - our batteries, made especially for golf enthusiasts, are made to measure for your individual needs. We work around your size needs.

Should you discover an excellent lithium ion battery provider find on to order more quantities of lithium ion battery, our specialist manuals are delivered fast and safely from your home or industries.

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