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When it comes time to add that beautiful flooring to your home that you have always wanted, it is time to consider going with Alloc laminate flooring. This Swedish company produced the original glue-less flooring that has given to the industry a new standard of excellence. It has also given to the do-it-yourselfer an edge that makes it so much easier to put these beautiful floors in for themselves. Here are some reasons why you should consider the easy to install system of the Alloc laminate floors to enhance the beauty of your home or office.

Each one of the boards that is used in the Alloc laminated flooring has a specially patented lock joint that firmly holds the boards together, giving you a very tight fit that leaves no spaces between the boards. In addition, the boards stay together and will continue to look beautiful long after they have been installed in your home.

Because of the tongue and groove interlocking pieces, absolutely no glue is needed. This eliminates a lot of mess, and no cleanup is needed afterwards, either. A precise aluminum joint that provides a great deal of endurance is strong enough for them to give you a lifetime warranty on some of their products. Other products are typically guaranteed for at least 25 years. This same joint system gives you a fit without unsightly spaces and keeps them that way.

The purpose of Alloc laminated flooring was to make it much easier to install. Because of the ease with which it can be installed, people who have never put down wood flooring before can do it, all they need to do is to follow simple instructions. One of the intended plans of the manufacturers was to make a floor laying system easy enough that it could cut out about half the time it normally takes to install a floor.

To further simplify the system, the company decided to attach the underlayment directly to the boards. This time saver feature helps you to get your new flooring in place as a one-day weekend project that you can walk on as soon as it is in place. As if that is not enough, you even have the ability to pick the floor up and move it to another room - if you should ever want to do that.

The construction of each of the Alloc laminate flooring boards helps it to last a long time. The flooring boards, which are made by direct pressure, have a surface of melamine and aluminum oxide, which gives it excellent durability. Each board also has its edges impregnated with wax in order to make it moisture resistant and to quiet the steps of anyone walking on the floor.

Alloc has about 25 different laminate flooring styles and is the ideal choice for either your home or office. It also can be used in commercial places, too, and it certainly is durable enough. With many so many styles available, you will easily be able to get the color and texture you want to match just about any need. The flooring is readily available in stores all over the country, and the features of the Alloc system are also sold by a number of sub-brands, too.

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